While sitting in the office on a Friday lunchtime I browse the LogRhythm blog for the latest posts by my colleagues around the world. It offers much: from how LogRhythm can detect and respond to the latest threats, through to how we help customers streamline their IT security teams using our Threat Lifecycle Management platform.

Today I was reminded of a post by Jonathan Zulberg back in January 2015. It resonated with me because while at LogRhythm I have spoken to hundreds of prospects disillusioned with their first-generation SIEM platforms. Challenges have ranged from bad initial deployments not fulfilling their requirement, to endless configuration, to alarm fatigue and constant management of the platform.

Two and a half years later and the same challenges exist. Why?

When choosing technologies to fulfil a requirement, companies spend most of their time evaluating software and neglect to review the technology vendor and whether they can deliver on their promises. What do you think?