Adobe Flash has always been a talking point for us in the security industry. When it first arrived on the scene it was groundbreaking software. It made web pages come alive.

It gave advertisers a tool to dazzle us with their products and  developers the ability to immerse us in their addictive games all from the comfort of our laptops.

As with most software it bloated over the years to meet the demands of the latest hardware and browser technology. During this evolution the cracks have shown. It's once impenetrable exterior became weak and vulnerable, and became one of the hackers' favourite targets for zero-day attacks.

I personally hope that one day we look back at Adobe Flash and have fond memories of how it revolutionised the internet rather than remembering it as software that left people's computers at risk. 

Hopefully, Adobe Flash is a lesson learnt for all software companies to ensure their software is developed with security in mind, hardened and fully tested before it ends up in the hands of you and I.