After MP Nadine Dorries came under fire for admitting she shared her log-in credentials to her work computer, it's worrying that other MPs have also confessed to doing the same. 

And while Dorries played down the fact that she only has limited access as a backbencher, it seems rather naïve of her, as well as other MPs, to genuinely believe that no harm could possibly be done as only a shared email account could be accessed.

Security awareness training is paramount across all verticals, not least in government. At the very least perhaps this will highlight the need for ongoing security training in the public sector. 

There are multiple possible attack vectors to gain access into a government connected computer system. Downloading of third party software, installing malware via 'BadUSB' methods, installing keylogging software and configuring remote access and control software. Just a few reasons why it's crucial to log all endpoints connected to your network. 

How else would you know if a temporary intern has attempted to access unauthorised files? Or if someone is logging into a shared computer after hours? In the world that we now live in, particularly in a terrorist-driven era, these fundamental security practices should be front of mind.