This recent news article highlights that politicians and government officials are being targeted by scammers and organised crime groups on popular social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Even more reason to stay on top of your contacts and remove anyone who you don't know. 

While you may not be a politician or some other high-ranking official, many people display a myriad of personal details on their social media profiles. This information can be used during the reconnaissance stage by a scammer preparing an attack on an individual, company or government. 

Follow these 5 tips for a safer social media experience:

  1. Only add friends/connections you know with certainty
  2. Check existing privacy settings and be ultra selective in what you decide to share publicly
  3. Use a strong password, and if the social media platform supports it, enable 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  4. Never respond to messages from people you don’t know. And never click on links included in messages from unknown contacts
  5. Be extremely selective in what you choose to share and post. Don't be an open book and allow an attacker to know all of your patterns/movements - for example posting and telling people when you're heading out of town is never a good idea...