Cyberthreats evolve. We know this. Just consider the recent rise of 'cryptojacking', which has taken over from ransomware as the most common type of cyberattack. 

And the cybersecurity industry is innovating to ensure there are products and solutions able to protect us against the evolving threats organisations face. The evolution of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology is a case in point. 

NextGen SIEM moves beyond ‘exception-based’ data and focuses on broader sets of data. It can perform analytics to recognise both known and unknown threats, as well as provide coordinated and automated workflows. These capabilities enable organisations to identify qualified emerging threats early in the attack lifecycle and enact appropriate countermeasures to better protect themselves from evolving cyberattacks.

NextGen SIEM will need to continue to evolve to contend with shifts in the IT and threat landscape. Companies should therefore select a NextGen SIEM partner they are confident can keep pace from an innovation perspective.